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This year again I’m going to FOSDEM, and to the extra special PostgreSQL FOSDEM day. It will be the first time that I’m going to be at the event for the full week-end rather than just commuting in for the day. *I'm Going to the FOSDEM, hope to see you there!* And I’m presenting two talks over there that are both currently scheduled on the Sunday in the PostgreSQL devroom. We’re talking about changing that though, so that one of those will in fact happen this Friday at the FOSDEM PGDay 2013, which has a different schedule, so consider watching for that.

This year we were in the main building of the conference, and apparently the booth went very well, solding lots of PostgreSQL merchandise etc. I had the pleasure to once again meet with the community, but being there only 1 day I didn’t spend as much time as I would have liked with some of the people there. In case you’re wondering, my extension’s talk went quite well, and several people were kind enough to tell me they appreciated it!

A quick blog entry to say that yes: And I will even do my Extension’s talk which had a success at pgday.eu. The talk will be updated to include the last developments of the extension’s feature, as some of it changed already in between, and to detail the plan for the ALTER EXTENSION ... UPGRADE feature that I’d like to see included as soon as 9.1, but time is running so fast.

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