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Back from the FODESM 2014 Conference, here’s the slides I’ve been using for the Advanced Extension Use Cases talk I gave, based on the ongoing work to be found under the Tour of Extensions index in this web site. If you’re interested into the talk contents, then you might be interested into the following list of articles where I actually did all the work leading to the slides in the above PDF:

This year again the PostgreSQL community is organising a FOSDEM PGDay rigth before the main event. Have a look at the PostgreSQL FOSDEM Schedule, it’s packed with awesome talks… personnaly, it’s been awhile since I wanted to see so many of them! I will be talking about Advanced Extension Use Cases on Friday, see you in Brussels!

This year’s FOSDEM has been a great edition, in particular the FOSDEM PGDAY 2013 was a great way to begin a 3 days marathon of talking about PostgreSQL with people not only from our community but also from plenty other Open Source communities too: users! *PostgreSQL at FOSDEM made for a great event* Having had the opportunity to meet more people from those other development communities, I really think we should go and reach for them in their own conferences.

The previous article FOSDEM 2013 said to be careful with the PostgreSQL devroom schedule because one of my talks there might get swapped with a slot on the FOSDEM PGDay 2013 which happens this Friday and has been sold out anyway. Turns out it’s not true, because we still depend on past century technologies somehow. Not everybody will be looking at the schedule on the web using a connected mobile device (you know, you’ve heard of them, those tracking and surveillance devices, if you want to believe Stallman), and as the schedule gets printed on little paper sheets, it’s unfortunately too late to change it now.

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