This year we were in the main building of the conference, and apparently the booth went very well, solding lots of PostgreSQL merchandise etc. I had the pleasure to once again meet with the community, but being there only 1 day I didn’t spend as much time as I would have liked with some of the people there.

In case you’re wondering, my extension’s talk went quite well, and several people were kind enough to tell me they appreciated it! There was video recording of it, so we will soon have proofs showing how bad it really was and how polite those people really are :)

I will soon be able to write an article series detailing what’s an Extension and how you deal with them, either as a user or an author. Well in fact the goal is for any user to easily become an extension author, as I think lots of people are already maintaining server side code but missing tools to manage it properly. But that will begin once the patch is in, so that I present the real stuff rather than what I proposed to the community‚Ķ Stay tuned!