A quick blog entry to say that yes:

And I will even do my Extension’s talk which had a success at pgday.eu. The talk will be updated to include the last developments of the extension’s feature, as some of it changed already in between, and to detail the plan for the ALTER EXTENSION ... UPGRADE feature that I’d like to see included as soon as 9.1, but time is running so fast.

In fact the design for the UPGRADE has been done and reviewed already, but there’s yet to reach consensus on how to setup which is the upgrade file to use when upgrading from a given version to another. I’ve solved it in my patch, of course, by adding properties into the extension’s control file. That’s the best place to have that setup I think, it allows lots of flexibility, leave the extension’s author in charge, and avoids any hard coding of any kind of assumptions about file naming or whatever.

Next days and reviews will tell us more about how the design is received. Meanwhile, we’re working on finalizing the main extension’s patch, offering pg_dump support.

See you at FOSDEM!