The FOSDEM 2015 edition has been awesome this year, the usual mix of meeting with old friends, talking about interesting topics, seeing tremendous activity in all Open Source domains, and having Belgium beers in the evenings.


On the Friday before the real FOSDEM event our own PostgreSQL Europe organized a one-day event, the FOSDEM PGDAY. It as an intense day of conferences about PostgreSQL, where I had the opportunity to present pgloader in the context of dealing with database migrations.

*Migrate from MySQL to PostgreSQL in one command*

PostgreSQL User Group, Paris Meetup

This presentation about migrating to PostgreSQL was also given at the PostgreSQL User Group Meetup in Paris more recently, and I’m happy to announce here that we have more than 200 registered members in the group now!

Check out our next meetup which is already scheduled!


At the FOSDEM event proper I had the pleasure to present my recent talk about backups:

*Nobody cares about backups, think about data recovery*

If you want to remember only one thing about that presentation, it must be that we don’t care about how you take backups, we only care about if you’re able to recover data in worst case scenarios. The only to check a backup is to recover it. Do automated testing of your backups, which means automated recovery.