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This year we were in the main building of the conference, and apparently the booth went very well, solding lots of PostgreSQL merchandise etc. I had the pleasure to once again meet with the community, but being there only 1 day I didn’t spend as much time as I would have liked with some of the people there. In case you’re wondering, my extension’s talk went quite well, and several people were kind enough to tell me they appreciated it!

A quick blog entry to say that yes: And I will even do my Extension’s talk which had a success at pgday.eu. The talk will be updated to include the last developments of the extension’s feature, as some of it changed already in between, and to detail the plan for the ALTER EXTENSION ... UPGRADE feature that I’d like to see included as soon as 9.1, but time is running so fast.

After reading Simon’s blog post, I can’t help but try to give some details about what it is exactly that I’m working on. As he said, there are several aspects to extensions in PostgreSQL, it all begins here: Chapter 35. Extending SQL. It’s possible, and mostly simple enough, to add your own code or behavior to PostgreSQL, so that it will use your code and your semantics while solving user queries.

The PostgreSQL IRC channel is a good place to be, for all the very good help you can get there, because people are always wanting to remain helpful, because of the off-topics discussions sometime, or to get to talk with community core members. And to start up your day too. This morning’s question started simple : “how can I check if today is the “first sunday fo the month”. or “the second tuesday of the month” etc?

This year’s edition has been the best pgcon ever for me. Granted, it’s only my third time, but still :) As Josh said the “Hall Track” in particular was very good, and the Dev Meeting has been very effective! Extensions This time I prepared some slides to present the extension design and I tried hard to make it so that we get to agree on a plan, even recognizing it’s not solving all of our problems from the get go.

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