Now that you’re all using the wonders of Cooperative Consumers to help you efficiently and reliably implement your business constraints and offload them from the main user transactions, you’re reaching a point where you have to clean up your development environment (because that’s what happens to development environments, right?), and you want a way to start again from a clean empty place.

Here we go. It used to be much more simple than that, so if you’re still using PGQ from Skytools2, just jump to the next step.

Unregister Subconsumers

That query will figure out subconsumers in the system function pgq.get_consumer_info() and ask PGQ to please unregister them, losing events in the way, even events from batches that are currently active.

with subconsumers as (
   select q1.queue_name,
          substring(q1.consumer_name from '%.#"%#"' for '#') as subconsumer_name
    from (select *
            from pgq.get_consumer_info()
           where lag is null)
         as q1
    join (select *
           from pgq.get_consumer_info()
           where lag is not null)
         as q2
         on q1.queue_name = q2.queue_name
select *,
       pgq_coop.unregister_subconsumer(queue_name, consumer_name,
                                       subconsumer_name, 1)
 from subconsumers;

Unregister Consumers

Now that the first step is done, we have to unregister the main consumers, which is easy and what you already did before:

select queue_name, consumer_name,
       pgq.unregister_consumer(queue_name, consumer_name)
  from pgq.get_consumer_info();

Drop queues

And as we want to really clean up the mess, let’s also drop the queues.

select queue_name, pgq.drop_queue(queue_name)
  from pgq.queue;