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Those days feel really lucky to me. I’m currently visiting friends and customers in San Francisco, and really enjoying my trip here! Of course Josh Berkus took the opportunity to organise a SFPUG meeting and I had the pleasure of being the speaker over there. My talk was about the most recent version of Skytools and the opportunity to realise that we’re still missing a lot on documentation. One of the attendee did propose to help us on that front as he apparently really likes technical writing.

In the previous article here we talked about how to properly update more than one row at a time, under the title Batch Update. We did consider performances, including network round trips, and did look at the behavior of our results when used concurrently. A case where we want to apply the previous article approach is when replicating data with a trigger based solution, such as SkyTools and londiste. Well, maybe not in all cases, we need to have a amount of UPDATE trafic worthy of setting up the solution.

Some skytools related new today, it’s been a while. For those who where at my FOSDEM’s talk about Implementing High Availability you might have heard that I really like working with PGQ. A new version has been released a while ago, and the most recent verion is now 3.1.3, as announced in the Skytools 3.1.3 email. *Upgrade time!* Skytools 3.1.3 enters debian First news is that Skytools 3.1.3 has been entering debian today (I hope that by the time you reach that URL, it’s been updated to show information according to the news here, but I might be early).

Now that you’re all using the wonders of Cooperative Consumers to help you efficiently and reliably implement your business constraints and offload them from the main user transactions, you’re reaching a point where you have to clean up your development environment (because that’s what happens to development environments, right?), and you want a way to start again from a clean empty place. Here we go. It used to be much more simple than that, so if you’re still using PGQ from Skytools2, just jump to the next step.

Let’s begin the Skytools 3 documentation effort, which is long overdue. The code is waiting for you over at github, and is stable and working. Why is it still in release candidate status, I hear you asking? Well because it’s missing updated documentation. WalMgr is the Skytools component that manages WAL shipping for you, and archiving too. It knows how to prepare your master and standby setup, how to take a base backup and push it to the standby’s system, how to archive (at the satndby) master’s WAL files as they are produced and have the standby restore from this archive.

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