Last week was the annual PostgreSQL Hackers gathering in Canada, thanks to the awesome pgcon conference. This year’s issue has been packed with good things, beginning with the Cluster Summit then followed the next day by the Developer Meeting just followed (yes, in the same day) with the In Core Replication Meeting. That was a packed shedule!

The in core replication project has been presented with slides titled Future In-Core Replication for PostgreSQL and got a very good reception. For instance, people implementing Slony ( Jan Wieck, Christopher Browne and Steve Singer where here) appreciated the concepts here and where rather supportive of both the requirements and the design, and appreciated the very early demo and results that we had to show already, as a kind of a proof of concepts.

After those first two days, we could start the actual show. I had the honnor to present a migration use case entitled Large Scale MySQL Migration where we’re speaking about going from MySQL to PostgreSQL, from 37 to 256 shards, moving more than 6TB of data including binary blobs that we had to process with pl/java. A quite involved migration project whose slides you now can read here:

I’ve heard that we should soon be able to enjoy audio and video recordings of the sessions, so if you couldn’t make it this year for any reason, don’t miss that, you will have loads of very interesting talks to virtually attend. I definitely will do that to catch-up with some talks I couldn’t attend, having to pick one out of three is not an easy task, all the more when you add the providential hallway track.