Those days feel really lucky to me. I’m currently visiting friends and customers in San Francisco, and really enjoying my trip here! Of course Josh Berkus took the opportunity to organise a SFPUG meeting and I had the pleasure of being the speaker over there.

My talk was about the most recent version of Skytools and the opportunity to realise that we’re still missing a lot on documentation. One of the attendee did propose to help us on that front as he apparently really likes technical writing. I hope that effort will happen and help solve the main issue here.

The talk then generated a lot of questions from the audience, ranging from how to upgrade from previous version (I covered tha topic in Live Upgrading PGQ here) to lots of details about operating londiste and the many options you have to control batch size and lag.

Mainly as the talk was oriented towards how to use skytools rather than use cases and architectures, the questions were centered around how to solve problems using the tools.

*Skytools3: the slides*

I think the best part of it for me was that our host Bazaarvoice actually is using Skytools and as a result were really interested into the talk and asked very good questions too!