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Emacs Cheat Sheet

I stumbled upon the following cheat sheet for Emacs yesterday, and it’s worth sharing. I already learnt or discovered again some nice default chords, like for example C-x C-o runs the command delete-blank-lines and C-M-o runs the command split-line. I guess I will use the later one a lot. Hope you’ll like it!

A breadcrumb is a navigation aid. I just added one to this website, so that it gets easier to browse from any article to its local and parents indexes and back to /dev/dim, the root webpage of this site. As it was not that much work to implement, here’s the whole of it: ;;; ;;; Breadcrumb support ;;; (defun tapoueh-breadcrumb-to-current-page () "Return a list of (name . link) from the index root page to current one" (let* ((current (muse-current-file)) (cwd (file-name-directory current)) (project (muse-project-of-file current)) (root (muse-style-element :path (caddr project))) (path (tapoueh-path-to-root)) (dirs (split-string (file-relative-name current root) "/"))) ;; ("blog" "2011" "07" "13-back-from-char11.

Most of you are probably reading my posts directly in their RSS reader tools (mine is gnus thanks to the Gwene service), so you probably missed it, but I just pushed a whole new version of my website, still using Emacs Muse as the engine. My setup is tentatively called tapoueh.el and browsable online. It consists of some tweaks on top of Muse, so that I can enjoy tags and proper rss support.

Don't be afraid of 'cl

In this blog article, you’re shown a quite long function that loop through your buffers to find out if any of them is associated with a file whose full name includes "projects". Well, you should not be afraid of using cl: (require 'cl) (loop for b being the buffers when (string-match "projects" (or (buffer-file-name b) "")) return t) If you want to collect the list of buffers whose name matches your test, then replace return t by collect b and you’re done.

We’ve spotted a little too late for our own taste a discrepancy in the source tree: a work in progress patch landed in git just before to release el-get stable. So we cleaned the tree (thanks again Julien), branched a stable maintenance tree, and released 2.2 from there. You’re back to enjoying el-get :)

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