Most of you are probably reading my posts directly in their RSS reader tools (mine is gnus thanks to the Gwene service), so you probably missed it, but I just pushed a whole new version of my website, still using Emacs Muse as the engine.

My setup is tentatively called tapoueh.el and browsable online. It consists of some tweaks on top of Muse, so that I can enjoy tags and proper rss support. By proper, I mean that I want to be able to produce as many topic RSS feeds from a single blog, and thanks to the tags support that’s now what I have.

The RSS handling and the tagging system are adhoc code, and this very article begins like this:

#author Dimitri Fontaine
#title  Muse setup revised
#date   20110705-19:55
#tags   Emacs Muse

All the information for the site navigation are taken from there, and at long last the RSS I publish now contains proper URLs without abusing anchors, as in the previous link which is a compatibility page in case you had some bookmarks. The compat only works with javascript (did you know that anchors are not part of the URL that is sent to the server, so that you can’t apply RedirectMatch or other tweaks?), but all it needs is 2 lines of code, so I guess that’s not so bad.

var anchor = window.location.hash;

I hope you like the new setup as much as I do, even if I’m left with some debugging to do. That’s the price to pay for doing it yourself I guess. But I still don’t know of a ready to use solution (as in off the shelf) that meet my criteria for web publishing. More on that topic another time.