I was lucky to participate as a speaker to the Nordic PostgreSQL Day 2015 and it’s been another awesome edition of the conference. Really smooth, everything has been running as it should, with about one hundred people at the conference.

*In action at Nordic pgDay in Copenhaguen*

You can get the slides I’ve been using for my talk at the Nordic pgDay 2015 page on the Conferences pages of this website.

The Nordic pgDay is such a successful conference that I long wanted to have just the same in my area, and so we made pgDay Paris and modeled it against Nordic. It’s planned to be all the same, just with a different audience given the location.

*April 21st, save the date and join us in Paris*

The pgDay Paris welcomes English Speaking speakers and the Call for Papers is now open, so please consider submitting your talk proposal for pgDay Paris by cliking on the link and filling in a form. Not too hard a requirement for being allowed to visit such a nice city as Paris, really!