So there it is, at long last, the final 1.0.0 release of prefix! It’s on its way into the debian repository (targetting sid, in testing in 10 days) and available on pgfoundry to.

In order to make it clear that I intend to maintain this version, the number has 3 digits rather than 2… which is also what PostgreSQL users will expect.

The only last minute change is that you can now use the first version of the two following rather than the second one:

-  create index idx_prefix on prefixes using gist(prefix gist_prefix_range_ops);
+  create index idx_prefix on prefixes using gist(prefix);

For you information, I’m thinking about leaving pgfoundry as far as the source code management goes, because I’d like to be done with CVS. I’d still use the release file hosting though at least for now. It’s a burden but it’s easier for the users to find them, when they are not using plain apt-get install. That move would lead to host prefix and pgloader and the backports over there at github, where my next pet project, pg_staging, will be hosted too.

The way to see this pgfoundry leaving is that if everybody does the same, then migrating the facility to some better or more recent hosting software will be easier. Maybe some other parts of the system are harder than the sources to migrate, though. If that’s the case I’ll consider moving them out too, maybe getting listed on the PostgreSQL Software Catalogue will prove enough as far as web presence goes?