I’ve been having problem with building both postgresql-8.3-prefix and postgresql-8.4-prefix debian packages from the same source package, and fixing the packaging issue forced me into modifying the main prefix Makefile. So while reaching rc2, I tried to think about missing pieces easy to add this late in the game: and there’s one, that’s a function length(prefix_range), so that you don’t have to cast to text no more in the following wildspread query:

SELECT foo, bar
    FROM prefixes
   WHERE prefix @> '012345678'
ORDER BY length(prefix) DESC
   LIMIT 1;

And here’s a simple stupid benchmark of the new function, here in prefix-1.0~rc2.tar.gz. And it’ll soon reach debian, if my QA dept agrees (my sponsor is a QA dept all by himself!).

First some preparation:

dim=#   create table prefixes (
dim(#          prefix    prefix_range primary key,
dim(#          name      text not null,
dim(#          shortname text,
dim(#          status    char default 'S',
dim(#          check( status in ('S', 'R') )
dim(#   );
NOTICE:  CREATE TABLE / PRIMARY KEY will create implicit index "prefixes_pkey" for
 table "prefixes"                                                                
Time: 74,357 ms
dim=#   \copy prefixes from 'prefixes.fr.csv' with delimiter ; csv quote '"'
Time: 200,982 ms
dim=# select count(*) from prefixes ;
(1 row)
Time: 3,047 ms

And now for the micro-benchmark:

dim=# \o /dev/null
dim=# select length(prefix) from prefixes;
Time: 16,040 ms
dim=# select length(prefix::text) from prefixes;
Time: 23,364 ms
dim=# \o

Hope you enjoy!