At long last, here it is. With binary versions both for postgresal-8.3 and postgresal-8.4! Unfortunately my other packaging efforts are still waiting on the NEW queue, but I hope to soon see hstore-new and preprepare enter debian too.

Anyway, the plan for prefix is to now wait something like 2 weeks, then, baring showstopper bugs, release the 1.0 final version. If you have a use for it, now is the good time for testing it!

About upgrading a current prefix installation, the advice is to save data as text instead of prefix_range, remove prefix support, install new version, change again the columns data type:

     ALTER COLUMN prefix
             TYPE text USING text(prefix);

  DROP TYPE prefix_range CASCADE;
  \i prefix.sql

     ALTER COLUMN prefix
             TYPE prefix_range USING prefix_range(prefix);

  CREATE INDEX idx_foo_prefix ON foo
         USING gist(prefix gist_prefix_range_ops);

Note: I just added the gist_prefix_range_ops as default for type prefix_range so it’ll be optional to specify this in final 1.0. I got so used to typing it I didn’t realize we don’t have to :)