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So there it is, this newer contribution of mine that I presented at PGDay is now in debian NEW queue. pg_staging will empower you with respect to what you do about those nightly backups ( pg_dump -Fc or something). The tool provides a lot of commands to either dump or restore a database. It comes with documentation covering about it all, except for the londiste support part, which will be there in time for 1.

moment. Lots of attendees, lots of quality talks ( slides are online), good food, great party: all the ingredients were there! It also was for me the occasion to first talk about this tool I’ve been working on for months, called pg_staging, which aims to empower those boring production backups to help maintaining staging environments (for your developers and testers). All in all such events keep reminding me what it means exactly when we way that one of the greatest things about PostgreSQL is its community.

So there it is, at long last, the final 1.0.0 release of prefix! It’s on its way into the debian repository (targetting sid, in testing in 10 days) and available on pgfoundry to. In order to make it clear that I intend to maintain this version, the number has 3 digits rather than 2… which is also what PostgreSQL users will expect. The only last minute change is that you can now use the first version of the two following rather than the second one:

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