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A previous article in the PostgreSQL Concurrency series covered how to manage concurrent retweets in an efficient way: in Computing and Caching, we learnt how to maintain a cache right in your PostgreSQL database, using MATERIALIZED VIEWS. We also had a look at how to take care of Batch Updates and Concurrency.

While in the first case we are providing a solution to a technical problem where we want to solve performance issues while keeping the same semantics, in the second case we are actually implementing a part of the application’s Business Logic as a scheduled job.

Today’s article shows a modern technique to handle the scheduling of those business oriented activities that are not tied to any user activity. When thinking about it this way, you certainly don’t want to implement the backbone of your business logic in a shell script that’s directly maintained in the production environment, do you?

The PostgreSQL community made the explicit choice some times ago that they would not use the infamous master and slave terminology. Instead, the documentation introduces the concepts of High Availability, Load Balancing, and Replication with the terms Primary and Standby, and the even more generic term Replica is used in contexts when only the data flow is considered, rather than the particular role of a node.

Dimitri Fontaine

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