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Another day, another migration from MySQL to PostgreSQL… or at least that’s how it feels sometimes. This time again I’ve been using some quite old scripts to help me do the migration.

This article is about versions 2.x of pgloader, which are not supported anymore. Consider using pgloader version 3.x instead. You won’t need to generate the configuration anymore as pgloader now connects to a live instance of the source database and query its system catalogs for you.

When you do partition your tables monthly, then comes the question of when to create next partitions. I tend to create them just the week before next month and I have some nice nagios scripts to alert me in case I’ve forgotten to do so. How to check that by hand in the end of a month?

Let’s say you need to ALTER TABLE foo ALTER COLUMN bar TYPE bigint;, and PostgreSQL is helpfully telling you that no you can’t because such and such views depend on the column. The basic way to deal with that is to copy paste from the error message the names of the views involved, then prepare a script wherein you first DROP VIEW then ALTER TABLE and finally CREATE VIEW again, all in the same transaction.

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