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Current el-get status is stable, ready for daily use and packed with extra features that make life easier. There are some more things we could do, as always, but they will be about smoothing things further. Latest released version el-get version 2.1 is available, with a boatload of features, including autoloads support, byte-compiling in an external clean room Emacs instance, custom support, lazy initialisation support (defering all init functions to eval-after-load), and multi repositories ELPA support.

A while ago I’ve been fixing and publishing pgsql-linum-format separately. That allows to number PL/whatever code lines when editing from Emacs, and it’s something very useful to turn on when debugging. The carrets on the fringe in the emacs window are the result of (setq-default indicate-buffer-boundaries 'left) and here it’s just overloading the image somehow. But the idea is to just M-x linum-mode when you need it, at least that’s my usage of it.

A very good remark from some users: installing and managing el-get should be simpler. They wanted both an easy install of the thing, and a way to be able to manage it afterwards (like, update the local copy against the authoritative source). So I decided it was high time for getting the code out of my ~/.emacs.d git repository and up to a public place: Then, I added some documentation (a README), and then, a *scratch* installer, following great ideas from ELPA.

el-get news

I’ve been receiving some requests for el-get, some of them even included a patch. So now there’s support for bzr, CSV and http-tar, augmenting the existing support for git, git-svn, apt-get, fink and ELPA formats. Also, as the install and even the build are completely asynchronous — there’s a pending bugfix for the building, which is now using start-process-shell-command. The advantage of doing so is that you’re free to use Emacs as usual while el-get is having your piece of elisp code compiled, which can take time.

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