Current el-get status is stable, ready for daily use and packed with extra features that make life easier. There are some more things we could do, as always, but they will be about smoothing things further.

Latest released version

el-get version 2.1 is available, with a boatload of features, including autoloads support, byte-compiling in an external clean room Emacs instance, custom support, lazy initialisation support (defering all init functions to eval-after-load), and multi repositories ELPA support.

Version numbering

Version String are now inspired by how Emacs itself numbers its versions. First is the major version number, then a dot, then the minor version number. The minor version number is 0 when still developping the next major version. So 3.0 is a developer release while 3.1 will be the next stable release.

Please note that this versioning policy has been picked while backing 1.2~dev, so 1.0 was a stable release in fact. Ah, history.