A very good remark from some users: installing and managing el-get should be simpler. They wanted both an easy install of the thing, and a way to be able to manage it afterwards (like, update the local copy against the authoritative source). So I decided it was high time for getting the code out of my ~/.emacs.d git repository and up to a public place: http://github.com/dimitri/el-get.

Then, I added some documentation (a README), and then, a *scratch* installer, following great ideas from ELPA. So have at it, it’s a copy paste away!

Don’t forget to setup your el-get-sources and include there the el-get source for updates, there’s nothing magic about it so it’s up to you. You may notice that it’s not yet possible to init el-get from el-get-sources, though, that’s the drawback of the lack of magic. So you will have to still add an explicit (require 'el-get) before to go and define you own el-get-sources then finally (el-get). I don’t think that’s a problem I need to solve, though.