Last week was PostgreSQL Conference Europe 2012 in Prague, and it’s been awesome. Many thanks to the organisers who did manage to host a very smooth conference with 290 attendees, including speakers. That means you kept walking into interesting people to talk to, and in particular the Hallway Track has been a giant success.

*Photo by [Oleg Bartunov](*

I did have the chance to speak several times at that event, and you can get the slides at my Conferences page that I try to keep up to date. I did one talk about Implementing High Availability that was about 2 hours long (a double slot), PGQ Cooperative Consumers that Marko Kreen copresented with me and the Large Scale MySQL Migration to PostgreSQL that I already presented before this year.

Next conference is in Lyon and will be in French, the talk is called PrĂ©sentation de PostgreSQL. The audience is going to be composed of PHP developers interested to know more about PostgreSQL, I’ll tell you how it goes!