PostgreSQL 9.1 includes proper extension support, as you might well know if you ever read this very blog here. Some hosting facilities are playing with PostgreSQL at big scale (hello Heroku!) and still meet with small caveats making their life uneasy.

To be specific, only superusers are allowed to install C coded stored procedures, and that impacts a lot of very useful PostgreSQL extension: all those shiped in the contrib package are coded in C. Now, Heroku is not giving away superuser access to their hosted customers in order to limit the number of ways they can shoot themselves in the foot. And given PostgreSQL security model, being granted database owner is mostly good enough for day to day operation.

See Andrew’s article

Mostly, but as we see, not completely good enough. How to arrange for a non superuser to be able to still install a C-coded extension in his own database? That’s quite dangerous as any bug causing a crash would mean a PostgreSQL whole restart. So you not only want to empower CREATE EXTENSION to database owners, you also want to be able to review and explicitely white list the allowed extensions.

Here we go: pgextwlist is a PostgreSQL extensions implementing just that idea. You have to tweak local_preload_libraries so that it gets loaded automatically and early enough, and you have to provide for the list of authorized extensions in the extwlist.extensions setting.

Let’s see a usage example, straight from the documentation:

dim=> select rolsuper from pg_roles where rolname = current_user;
select rolsuper from pg_roles where rolname = current_user;
(1 row)

dim=> create extension hstore;
create extension hstore;
WARNING:  => is deprecated as an operator name
DETAIL:  This name may be disallowed altogether in future versions of PostgreSQL.

dim=> create extension earthdistance;
create extension earthdistance;
ERROR:  extension "earthdistance" is not whitelisted
DETAIL: Installing the extension "earthdistance" failed, because it is not
        on the whitelist of user-installable extensions.
HINT: Your system administrator has allowed users to install certain
      extensions. SHOW extwlist.extensions;

dim=> \dx
                           List of installed extensions
  Name   | Version |   Schema   |                   Description
 hstore  | 1.0     | public     | data type for storing sets of (key, value) pairs
 plpgsql | 1.0     | pg_catalog | PL/pgSQL procedural language
(2 rows)

dim=> drop extension hstore;
drop extension hstore;

As you can see, it allows non superusers to install an extension written in C.