While Magnus is all about PG Conf EU already, you have to realize we’re just landed back from PG Con in Ottawa. My next stop in the annual conferences is CHAR 11, the Clustering, High Availability and Replication conference in Cambridge, 11-12 July. Yes, on the old continent this time.

This year’s pgcon hot topics, for me, have been centered around a better grasp at SSI and DDL Triggers. Having those beasts in PostgreSQL would allow for auditing, finer privileges management and some more automated replication facilities. Imagine that ALTER TABLE is able to fire a trigger, provided by Londiste or Slony, that will do what’s needed on the cluster by itself. That would be awesome, wouldn’t it?

At CHAR 11 I’ll be talking about Skytools 3. You know I’ve been working on its debian packaging, now is the time to review the documentation and make there something as good looking as the monitoring system are…

Well, expect some news and a nice big picture diagram overview soon, if work schedule leaves me anytime that’s what I want to be working on now.