One of the most important feedback I got about the presentation of pgstaging were the lack of pictures, something like a bird-view of how you operate it. Well, thanks to ditaa and Emacs picture-mode here it is:

Hope you enjoy, it should not be necessary to comment much if I got to the point!

Of course I commited the text source file to the Git repository. The only problem I ran into is that ditaa defaults to ouputing a quite big right margin containing only white pixels, and that didn’t fit well, visually, in this blog. So I had to resort to ImageMagik crop command in order to avoid any mouse usage in the production of this diagram.

convert .../pg_staging/bird-view.png -crop '!550' bird-view.png
mv bird-view-0.png pg_staging.png

Quicker than learning to properly use a mouse, at least for me :)