It’s time for Skytools news again! First, we did improve documentation of current stable branch with hosting high level presentations and tutorials on the PostgreSQL wiki. Do check out the Londiste Tutorial, it seems that’s what people hesitating to try out londiste were missing the most.

The other things people miss out a lot in current stable Skytools (version 2.1.9 currently) are cascading replication (which allows for switchover and failover) and DDL support. The new incarnation of skytools, version 3.0 reaches alpha1 today. It comes with full support for cascading and DDL, so you might want to give it a try.

It’s a rough release, documentation is still to get written for a large part of it, and bugs are still to get fixed. But it’s all in the Skytools spirit: simple and efficient concepts, easy to use and maintain. Think about this release as a developer preview and join us :)