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Sometimes you want to compute values automatically at INSERT time, like for example a duration column out of a start and an end column, both timestamptz. It’s easy enough to do with a BEFORE TRIGGER on your table. What’s more complex is to come up with a parametrized spelling of the trigger, where you can attach the same stored procedure to any table even when the column names are different from one another.

In our recent article about The Most Popular Pub Names we did have a look at how to find the pubs nearby, but didn’t compute the distance in between that pub and us. That’s because how to compute a distance given a position on the earth expressed as longitude and latitude is not that easy. Today, we are going to solve that problem nonetheless, thanks to PostgreSQL Extensions.

HyperLogLog Unions

In the article from yesterday we talked about PostgreSQL HyperLogLog with some details. The real magic of that extension has been skimmed over though, and needs another very small article all by itself, in case you missed it. *Which Set Operation do you want for counting unique values?* The first query here has the default level of magic in it, really. What happens is that each time we do an update of the HyperLogLog hash value, we update some data which are allowing us to compute its cardinality.

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