What if you could turn
thousands of lines of code into
simple queries?

As a PostgreSQL Major Contributor, I sometimes get to speak at conferences. Here you will find the list of talks I’ve been doing, with the slides available as PDF.

PyConFr 2018

Organisée par l’AFPy, cette conférence est gratuite, entièrement organisée par des bénévoles et regroupe les personnes intéressées par le langage de programmation Python.

Python is often used to maintain application backends. When the backend should implement user oriented workflows, it may rely on a RDBMS component to take care of the system’s integrity.

PostgreSQL is the world’s most advanced open source relational database, and is very good at taking care of your system’s integrity. PostgreSQL also comes with a ton of data processing power, and in many cases a simple enough SQL statement may replace hundreds of lines of code written in Python.

In this talk, we learn advanced SQL techniques and how to reason about which part of the backend code should be done in the database, and which parf of the backend code is so easier to write as a SQL query.

I wrote a book!

PostgreSQL at Chti'JUG

El groupe Java din ch’Nord ed’ la France

Le domaine des bases de données se transforme depuis quelques années, avec en particulier de nouvelles offres autour des notions de NoSQL… Au point que l’on peut se demander si les bases de données relationnelles ont encore leur place dans nos infrastructures de production. Cette présentation rappelle quels problèmes PostgreSQL sait résoudre pour vos applications et montre ainsi qu’il est toujours pertinent en 2018. Nous détaillerons des points d’architecture de production, de haute disponibilité, de durabilité et bien évidement nous adresserons également le traitement des données en SQL.

Nordic pgDay 2018

Nordic PGDay 2018 is an excellent chance to learn more about the worlds most advanced open source database among your peers in the Nordic region. Whether you use PostgreSQL professionally or play with it in your spare time; whether you love the new jsonb capabilities or hack on query planner internals; Nordic PGDay will have something for you.

As a developer using PostgreSQL one of the most important tasks you have to deal with is modeling the database schema for your application. In order to achieve a solid design, it’s important to understand how the schema is then going to be used as well as the trade-offs it involves.

PostgreSQL Conference Europe 2017

PGConf.EU is a unique chance for European PostgreSQL users and developers to catch up, learn, build relationships, get to know each other and consolidate a real network of professionals that use and work with PostgreSQL.

pgloader, your migration companion
Migrating data from another RDBMS to PostgreSQL should be really easy. After all it’s all relations and tables and the same data types everywhere or abouts, with text, dates and numbers. Well it’s actually quite messy and complex to migrate the data properly from one system to another. pgloader solves this problem and turns it into a one-liner: in this talk you’ll learn how to benefit from that, and the classic pitfalls to avoid.

PostgreSQL Conference US, 2016

PGConf US is a non-profit conference hosted run by the United States PostgreSQL Association. This conference is part of the effort to grow the PostgreSQL community by increasing awareness and providing the appropriate training and resources to further PostgreSQL adoption.

You’d better have tested backups explains why you must implement an automated recovery solution rather than merely backup scripts. Noboday cares about backups, as such. What everybody cares about is the actual ability to recover data in case when the worst happens…

Dimitri Fontaine

PostgreSQL Major Contributor

Open Source Software Engineer