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At long last, after millions and millions of queries just here at work and some more in other places, the prefix project is reaching 1.0 milestone. The release candidate is getting uploaded into debian at the moment of this writing, and available at the following place: prefix-1.0~rc1.tar.gz. If you have any use for it (as some VoIP companies have already), please consider testing it, in order for me to release a shiny 1.

The prefix project is about matching a literal against prefixes in your table, the typical example being a telecom routing table. Thanks to the excellent work around generic indexes in PostgreSQL with GiST, indexing prefix matches is easy to support in an external module. Which is what the prefix extension is all about. Maybe you didn’t come across this project before, so here’s the typical query you want to run to benefit from the special indexing, where the @> operator is read contains or is a prefix of:

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