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These days, thanks to my community oriented job, I’m working full time on a PostgreSQL patch to terminate basic support for extending SQL. First thing I want to share is that patching the backend code is not as hard as one would think. Second one is that git really is helping. “Not as hard as one would think, are you kidding me?”, I hear some say. Well, that’s true. It’s C code in there, but with a very good layer of abstractions so that you’re not dealing with subtle problems that much.

Yeah I’m back on working on my part of the extension thing in PostgreSQL. First step is a little one, but as it has public consequences, I figured I’d talk about it already. I’ve just refreshed my git repository to follow the new master one, and you can see that here;a=commitdiff;h=9a88e9de246218e93c04b6b97e1ef61d97925430. It’s been easier than I feared, mainly: $ git --no-pager diff master..extension $ git --no-pager format-patch master..extension $ cp 0001-First-stab-at-writing-pg_execute_from_file-function.

This year’s edition has been the best pgcon ever for me. Granted, it’s only my third time, but still :) As Josh said the “Hall Track” in particular was very good, and the Dev Meeting has been very effective! Extensions This time I prepared some slides to present the extension design and I tried hard to make it so that we get to agree on a plan, even recognizing it’s not solving all of our problems from the get go.

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