Yeah I’m back on working on my part of the extension thing in PostgreSQL.

First step is a little one, but as it has public consequences, I figured I’d talk about it already. I’ve just refreshed my git repository to follow the new master one, and you can see that here;a=commitdiff;h=9a88e9de246218e93c04b6b97e1ef61d97925430.

It’s been easier than I feared, mainly:

$ git --no-pager diff master..extension
$ git --no-pager format-patch master..extension
$ cp 0001-First-stab-at-writing-pg_execute_from_file-function.patch ..
$ git checkout master
$ git pull -f pgmaster
$ git reset --hard pgmaster/master
$ git checkout extension
$ git reset --hard master
$ git am -s ../0001-First-stab-at-writing-pg_execute_from_file-function.edit.patch 
$ git status
$ git log --short | head
$ git log -n2 --oneline
$ git push -f

So that’s still more steps that one want to call dead simple, but still. The format-patch command is to save my work away (all patches that are in the extension branch but not in the master — well that was only one of them here). Then, as the master repository URL didn’t change, I can simply pull the changes in. Of course I had a nice message warning: no common commits.

Once pulled, I trashed my local copy and replaced it with the new official one, that’s git reset --hard pgmaster/master, then in the extension branch I could trash it and have it linked to the local master again.

Of course, the git am method wouldn’t apply my patch as-is, there was some underlying changes in the source files, the identification tag changed from $PostgreSQL$ to, e.g., src/backend/utils/adt/genfile.c, and I had to cope with that. Maybe there’s some tool ( git am -3 ?) to do it automatically, I just copy edited the .patch file.

Lastly, it’s all about checking the result and publishing the result. This last line is git push -f and is when I just trashed and replaced my postgresql-extension community repository. I don’t think anybody was following it, but should it be the case, you will have to reinit your copy.

More blog posts to come about extensions, as I arranged to have some real time to devote on the topic. At least I was able to arrange things so that I can work on the subject for real, and the first thing I did, the very night before it was meant to begin, is catch a tonsillitis. Lost about a week, not the project! Stay tuned!