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Yes, you read it well, el-get currently features 174 recipes, and is now reaching the 1.1 release. The reason for this release is mainly that I have two big chunks of code to review and the current code has been very stable for awhile. It seems better to do a release with the stable code that exists now before to shake it this much. If you’re wondering when to jump in the water and switch to using el-get, now is a pretty good time.


I’ve been using emacs for a long time, and a long time it took me to consider learning Emacs Lisp. Before that, I didn’t trust my level of understanding enough to be comfortable in managing my setup efficiently. One of the main problems of setting up Emacs is that not only you tend to accumulate so many tricks from EmacsWiki and blog posts that your .emacs has to grow to a full ~/.

Those are my two all times favorite Open Source Software. Or Free Software in the GNU sense of the world, as both the BSD and the GPL are labeled free there. Even if I prefer the The Debian Free Software Guidelines as a global definition and the WTFPL license. But that’s a digression. I think that Emacs and PostgreSQL do share a lot in common. I’d begin with the documentation, which quality is amazing for both projects.

If you want to live on the bleeding edge, it’s easy enough to get a non existing release of GNU Emacs under debian sid, thanks to The problem is that Emacs Muse is broken on emacs-snapshot, partly because of Htmlize which is unable to find the face fonts (I got (error "Invalid face")), partly because of my configuration itself: hunk ./dim-muse.el 22 - '(("" $ - (,@(muse-project-alist-dirs "~/dev/muse/site") $ + '(("pgsql.

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