Mastering PostgreSQL in Application Development is the full title of the book I am currently writing. Running the PostgreSQL is YeSQL series of blog posts has shown me developers need a PostgreSQL book for developers. A book with the same properties as the YeSQL series articles in this blog:

  • we use real world data sets to put every query and SQL technique we learn in the context of a user story or business case,

  • we include practical ideas about daily developer’s concerns on how to actually integrate SQL in your application’s code base, code review processes, versioning, testing and deployment,

  • we explain and teach basic and advanced SQL concepts, with a progression, and hints on use cases when you might need to use the same technics,

  • we provide best practices and alternative ideas for advanced topics where there’s no one size fits all solution possible,

  • we include sample code in different programming languages, code that you can actually run, and which solves a simple but real use case.

In Mastering PostgreSQL in Application Development every query uses a real world dataset that is available for download and easy to load into your local PostgreSQL instance. Scripts to load the data are provided, including clean-up and reformating scripts when necessary. It means that you can actually run and edit every single query used in the book against the same data set!