Next month, Postgres Open 2014 is happening in Chicago, and I’ll have the pleasure to host a tutorial about PostgreSQL Extensions Writing & Using Postgres Extensions, and a talk aimed at developers wanting to make the best out of PostgreSQL, PostgreSQL for developers:

The tutorial is based on first hand experience on the PostgreSQL Extension Packaging System both as a user and a developer. It’s a series of practical use cases where using extensions will simplify your life a lot, and each of those practical use case is using real world data (thanks to pgloader).

Most of the examples covered in the tutorial have a blog entry here that present the idea and the solution, so the tutorial is all about putting it all together. You can already read the blog posts under the YeSQL and Extensions for a preview.

The developer talk itself is based on the Reset Counter use case where we learn a lot about Common Table Expressions, or WITH queries and Window Functions, my favourite SQL clauses.

If you want to learn how to implement a modern search user interface for your own product, something that your users know how to use already, then the tutorial is for you, as we will cover PostgreSQL based approximate searches with suggestions ( did you mean …?) and autocompletion.

The tutorial gives you the toolset you will use to avoid the situation depicted here.

See you all in Chicago!