The PostgreSQL community host a number of conferences all over the year, and the next ones I’m lucky enough to get to are approaching fast now. First, next month in September, we have Postgres Open in Chicago, where my talk about Large Scale Migration from MySQL to PostgreSQL has been selected!

This talk shares hindsights about the why and the how of that migration, what problems couldn’t be solved without moving away and how the solution now looks. The tools used for migrating away the data, the methods the new architecture are detailed. And the new home, in the cloud!

Not that much later after that the European PostgreSQL community is giving us a very nice occasion to get to Prague with PostgreSQL Conference Europe 2012 (October 23-26). If you’ve been meaning to meet with the community, if you’ve been meaning to visit Prague someday, or any mix of those two very good reasons, think about booking that conference already.

The call for papers for has been extended to August 7th, 2012. Consider sharing your hindsights too!