The next PostgreSQL conference is approaching very fast now, I hope you have your ticket already: it’s a very promissing event! If you want some help in deciding whether to register or not, just have another look at the schedule. Pick the talks you want to see. It’s hard, given how packed with good ones the schedule is. When you’re mind is all set, review the list. Registered?

I’ll be presenting another talk about extensions, but this time I’ve geared up to use cases, with Extensions are good for business logic. The idea is not to talk about how to make PostgreSQL play fair with extensions including at dump and restore times, that’s already done and I’ve been talking only too much about it. The idea this time is to figure out how much you get from this feature.

If you ever felt like something is missing in your processes between pushing rollouts in devel environments and refining them as developers are testing and preparing something for the live databases, then we have something for you here. Including how to easily compare state between production and development, but without having to guess or reverse engineer anything.

Yeah, extensions are all about getting even more professional! A great tool you’ll be happy to master!

And now I need to prepare a damn good slide deck, right? See you there! :)