After having used elscreen for a long time, I’m now a very happy user of escreen, which feels much better integrated and allows to have one ring of recently visited buffers per screen. Which is what you need when using a screen like feature, really.

At first, it seemed so good as not to require any tweaking, but soon enough I had to adapt it to my workflow. After all that’s exactly for being able to do this that I’m using emacs :)

It began quite simple with things like M-[ and M-] to navigate in screens, and mouse wheel support to, but then I found that the C-\ b list of screens could also support the C-\ a runs the command escreen-get-active-screen-numbers command by just adding some emphasis to the current escreen in use.

As soon as I had this, and seeing people eyes blinking when working with me in front of my computer, I wanted to have escreen switching display where I am in the minibuffer. You have to try the mouse wheel navigation to fully appreciate it I guess. Anyway, here it is:

(load "escreen")

;; add C-\ l to list screens with emphase for current one
(defun escreen-get-active-screen-numbers-with-emphasis ()
  "what the name says"
  (let ((escreens (escreen-get-active-screen-numbers))
	(emphased ""))

    (dolist (s escreens)
      (setq emphased
	    (concat emphased (if (= escreen-current-screen-number s)
				 (propertize (number-to-string s)
					     ;;'face 'custom-variable-tag) " ")
					     'face 'info-title-3)
					     ;;'face 'font-lock-warning-face)
					     ;;'face 'secondary-selection)
			       (number-to-string s))
		    " ")))
    (message "escreen: active screens: %s" emphased)))

(global-set-key (kbd "C-\\ l") 'escreen-get-active-screen-numbers-with-emphasis)

(defun dim:escreen-goto-last-screen ()

(defun dim:escreen-goto-prev-screen (&optional n)
  (interactive "p")
  (escreen-goto-prev-screen n)

(defun dim:escreen-goto-next-screen (&optional n)
  (interactive "p")
  (escreen-goto-next-screen n)

(define-key escreen-map escreen-prefix-char 'dim:escreen-goto-last-screen)

(global-set-key (kbd "M-[") 'dim:escreen-goto-prev-screen)
(global-set-key (kbd "M-]") 'dim:escreen-goto-next-screen)
(global-set-key (kbd "C-\\ DEL") 'dim:escreen-goto-prev-screen)
(global-set-key (kbd "C-\\ SPC") 'dim:escreen-goto-next-screen)

(global-set-key '[s-mouse-4] 'dim:escreen-goto-prev-screen)
(global-set-key '[s-mouse-5] 'dim:escreen-goto-next-screen)

Oh, and as I’m in the terms in emacs part of universe (rather than using emacs -nw in some terminal emulator, but loosing sync between X clipbloard and emacs selection), I had to add this too:

;; add support for C-\ from terms
(require 'term)
(define-key term-raw-map escreen-prefix-char escreen-map)
(define-key term-raw-map (kbd "M-[") 'dim:escreen-goto-prev-screen)
(define-key term-raw-map (kbd "M-]") 'dim:escreen-goto-next-screen)