Along the years I have been contributing to many projects, and I started some of my own too. If you want to have an idea of the graveyard, have a look at the full repositories page on my GitHub profile: I used to still list some projects like M-x mailq that I’ve not been using in a long while, or M-x rcirc-groups-mode that I still use daily, which allows the project to have at least one user…

Here’s a short list of some projects that are maintained and have users!

pgloader is not a toy! pgloader is not a toy!


pgloader is an awesome database migration tool that I wrote, open source, at You can use it in a Continuous Integration environment and keep migrating your schema and data until your application tests all pass, then go live with PostgreSQL!

In the general case to migrate from a MySQL to PostgreSQL with pgloader all you need to do is run a single command:

$ pgloader mysql://user@host/dbname pgsql:///dbname

Also supported are SQLite and Microsoft® SQL Server. Email me if you want to add Oracle™ to the list!

A Prefix Trie data structure A Prefix Trie data structure


The prefix PostgreSQL Extension is an data type and an indexing strategy allowing to speed-up SQL queries searching for matching prefixes: a routing table for example.

explain (costs off) select * from ranges where prefix @> '0146640123';
                         QUERY PLAN                         
 Bitmap Heap Scan on ranges
   Recheck Cond: (prefix @> '0146640123'::prefix_range)
   ->  Bitmap Index Scan on idx_prefix
         Index Cond: (prefix @> '0146640123'::prefix_range)
(4 rows)

The prefix debian package is available both in the official distribution and in

El-Get logo El-Get logo


Of course, my emacs setup is managed in a private git repository. Some people would use git submodules for managing external repositories in there, but all I can say is that I frown on this idea. I want an easy canonical list of packages I depend on to run emacs, and I want this documentation to be usable as-is. Enters El-Get!

Emacs switch-window

Emacs Switch Window is visual! Emacs Switch Window is visual!

This is a visual replacement for C-x o, so here’s what it looks like when you use it! Go check out the Github page of the project at, there’s more for you!