The code of El-Get has been pretty stable for a long time now. About the whole set of patches against the 4.x series has been about bug fixing corner cases (sometimes cases that had nothing cornery about them too) and providing more and more recipes. That’s what you expect from a stable software, and that what allows us to move to a rolling releases model.

In practice, it means that you won’t have to suffer from using a badly maintained stable branch anymore. The El-Get scratch installer is now targetting the master branch of the git repository, and this branch is now going to only accept either bug fixes or proven patches.

In case something big and destabilizing is proposed, we will of course consider doing a new release, after 5 comes 6. Meanwhile, enjoy your new El-Get stable branch, it’s officially the master one!

If you’re currently using El-Get, make sure you’re using the

To upgrade El-Get to the master’s branch, the simplest way might as well be working with git here:

M-x el-get-cd RET el-get
M-! git checkout master
M-x el-get-self-update

(Restart Emacs and) Enjoy El-Get Rolling Release!