J'ai eu le plaisir de présenter PostgreSQL au Java User Group de Montpellier le 20 mai dernier dans le cadre d'une soirée PostgreSQL is YeSQL. L'accueil réservé par le JUG a été parfait et je tiens à les remercier pour une très bonne soirée de partage et d'échanges autour de PostgreSQL.


pgDay Paris

April, 02 2015

Le 21 avril prochain se tient le premier pgDay Paris: une conférence PostgreSQL d'une journée complète. Il s'agit de 8 conférences sur votre base de données préférée par des conférencers internationaux, incluant des retours d'expérience et une analyse de l'utilisation des derniers développements en cours dans notre projet de base de données préféré.


a pgDay in Paris!

March, 16 2015

I was lucky to participate as a speaker to the Nordic PostgreSQL Day 2015 and it's been another awesome edition of the conference. Really smooth, everything has been running as it should, with about one hundred people at the conference.


Back From FOSDEM 2015

February, 09 2015

The FOSDEM 2015 edition has been awesome this year, the usual mix of meeting with old friends, talking about interesting topics, seeing tremendous activity in all Open Source domains, and having Belgium beers in the evenings.


Next month, Postgres Open 2014 is happening in Chicago, and I'll have the pleasure to host a tutorial about PostgreSQL Extensions Writing & Using Postgres Extensions, and a talk aimed at developers wanting to make the best out of PostgreSQL, PostgreSQL for developers:


PHP Tour 2014

June, 27 2014

En début de semaine se tenait le PHP Tour 2014 à Lyon, et j'ai eu le privilège d'y être invité afin de présenter comment Utiliser PostgreSQL en 2014.


Ce mois-ci est particulièrement actif en terme de conférences françaises, puisqu'après un détour à Toulon pour les PGDay.fr nous avons un Meetup à Paris puis une conférence PHP Tour 2014 à Lyon.


New York!

April, 17 2014

A couple of week ago I had the chance to participate into the PGConf NYC 2014 Conference, one of the biggest conferences about PostgreSQL worldwide.


Hier soir se déroulait le troisième Meetup PostgreSQL à Paris, et je crois pouvoir dire que tous les participants étaient ravis de cette édition.


Last week some PostgreSQL users, contributors and advocates have organized a really great conference in Stockholm, Sweden, where I had the please to give the following talk:


Back from the FODESM 2014 Conference, here's the slides I've been using for the Advanced Extension Use Cases talk I gave, based on the ongoing work to be found under the Tour of Extensions index in this web site.



January, 29 2014

This year again the PostgreSQL community is organising a FOSDEM PGDay rigth before the main event. Have a look at the PostgreSQL FOSDEM Schedule, it's packed with awesome talks... personnaly, it's been awhile since I wanted to see so many of them!


Notre première rencontre des utilisateurs Parisiens de PostgreSQL avait eu lieue le 28 novembre 2013 et a fait l'objet d'un billet de présentation ici-même : l'article Groupe d'Utilisateurs PostgreSQL à Paris annonce la création du groupe !


Comme annoncé dans un mail sur la liste de diffusion pgsql-fr-generale j'ai le plaisir de démarrer un groupe de rencontres PostgreSQL à Paris ! Les détails pratiques sont disponibles sur PostgreSQL User Group Paris sur Meetup, y compris l'adresse et comment s'inscrire. Il est important de s'inscrire car nous prévoyons d'accueillir des sponsors dont l'investissement sera employé à nourrir et désaltérer notre joyeux groupe !


Back From Dublin

November, 05 2013

Last week I had the pleasure to present two talks at the awesome PostgreSQL Conference Europe. The first one was actually a tutorial about Writing & using Postgres Extensions where we spent 3 hours on what are PostgreSQL Extensions, what you can expect from them, and how to develop a new one. Then I also had the opportunity to present the new version of pgloader in a talk about Migrating from MySQL to PostgreSQL.


Last Friday I had the chance to be speaking at the Open World Forum in the NewSQL track, where we had lots of interest and excitement around the NoSQL offerings. Of course, my talk was about explaining how PostgreSQL is Web Scale with some historical background and technical examples about what this database engine is currently capable of.


Open World Forum 2013

September, 19 2013

Have you heard about the Open World Forum conference that takes place in Paris, October 3-5, 2013? I'll be presenting a talk about PostgreSQL in the track NewSQL: Managing large data sets with relational technologies.


After spending an awesome week in San Francisco, CA I'm lucky enough to be spending another week in the USA, in Portand, OR. The main excuse for showing up here has been OSCON where I presented a talk about the fotolog migration from MySQL to PostgreSQL.


Talking at the SFPUG

July, 19 2013

Those days feel really lucky to me. I'm currently visiting friends and customers in San Francisco, and really enjoying my trip here! Of course Josh Berkus took the opportunity to organise a SFPUG meeting and I had the pleasure of being the speaker over there.


Back from CHAR(13)

July, 15 2013

Last week was held the CHAR(13) conference in a great venue in the UK countryside. Not only did we discover UK under good weather conditions and some local beers, we also did share a lot of good ideas!


Conferences Report

July, 03 2013

Recently I've been to some more conferences and didn't take the time to blog about them, even though I really did have great fun over there. So I felt I should take some time and report about my experience at those conferences. And of course, some more is on the way, as the PostgreSQL Conference Tour gets busier each year it seems.


Tonight I had the pleasure to present a talk at the Dublin PostgreSQL User Group using remote technologies. The talk is about how to make the most ouf of PostgreSQL when using SQL as a developer, and tries to convince you to dive into mastering SQL by showing how to solve an application example all in SQL, using window functions and common table expressions.


Emacs Conference

April, 02 2013

Yes it did happen, for real, in London: the Emacs Conference. It was easter week-end. Yet the conference managed to have more than 60 people meet together and spend a full day talking about Emacs. If you weren't there, a live stream was available and soon enough (wait for about two weeks) the video material will be published, as sacha is working on it.


Emacs Conference

March, 04 2013

The Emacs Conference is happening, it's real, and it will take place at the end of this month in London. Check it out, and register at Emacs Conference Event Brite. It's free and there's still some availability.


Another Great FOSDEM

February, 04 2013

This year's FOSDEM has been a great edition, in particular the FOSDEM PGDAY 2013 was a great way to begin a 3 days marathon of talking about PostgreSQL with people not only from our community but also from plenty other Open Source communities too: users!


A Sunday at FOSDEM

January, 30 2013

The previous article FOSDEM 2013 said to be careful with the PostgreSQL devroom schedule because one of my talks there might get swapped with a slot on the FOSDEM PGDay 2013 which happens this Friday and has been sold out anyway.



January, 29 2013

This year again I'm going to FOSDEM, and to the extra special PostgreSQL FOSDEM day. It will be the first time that I'm going to be at the event for the full week-end rather than just commuting in for the day.


PostgreSQL for developers

November, 02 2012

As Guillaume says, we've been enjoying a great evening conference in Lyon 2 days ago, presenting PostgreSQL to developers. He did the first hour presenting the project and the main things you want to know to start using PostgreSQL in production, then I took the opportunity to be talking to developers to show off some SQL.


Another awesome conf

October, 30 2012

Last week was PostgreSQL Conference Europe 2012 in Prague, and it's been awesome. Many thanks to the organisers who did manage to host a very smooth conference with 290 attendees, including speakers. That means you kept walking into interesting people to talk to, and in particular the Hallway Track has been a giant success.


Autumn 2012 Conferences

August, 02 2012

The PostgreSQL community host a number of conferences all over the year, and the next ones I'm lucky enough to get to are approaching fast now. First, next month in September, we have Postgres Open in Chicago, where my talk about Large Scale Migration from MySQL to PostgreSQL has been selected!


PGDay France 2012

June, 08 2012

The french PostgreSQL Conference, pgday.fr, was yesterday in Lyon. We had a very good time and a great schedule with a single track packed with 7 talks, addressing a diverse set of PostgreSQL related topics, from GIS to fuzzy logic, including replication.


Back From PgCon

May, 24 2012

Last week was the annual PostgreSQL Hackers gathering in Canada, thanks to the awesome pgcon conference. This year's issue has been packed with good things, beginning with the Cluster Summit then followed the next day by the Developer Meeting just followed (yes, in the same day) with the In Core Replication Meeting. That was a packed shedule!


J'ai eu la chance hier soir de participer à la Battle Language à la Marmite, où j'avais proposé de parler de Emacs Lisp, proposition qui s'est transformée en porte-étendard de la grande famille Lisp. J'ai utilisé avec plaisir certains contenu de Lisperati dans ma présentation et je vous recommande le détour sur ce site !


Back From Amsterdam

October, 26 2011

Another great conference took place last week, PostgreSQL Conference Europe 2011 was in Amsterdam and plenty of us PostgreSQL geeks were too. I attended to lot of talks and did learn some more about our project, its community and its features, but more than that it was a perfect occasion to meet with the community.


Extensions, applications

October, 10 2011

La conférence PostgreSQL annuelle en Europe a lieu la semaine prochaine à Amsterdam, et j'espère que vous avez déjà vos billets, car cette édition s'annonce comme un très bon millésime !


See you in Amsterdam

October, 04 2011

The next PostgreSQL conference is approaching very fast now, I hope you have your ticket already: it's a very promissing event! If you want some help in deciding whether to register or not, just have another look at the schedule. Pick the talks you want to see. It's hard, given how packed with good ones the schedule is. When you're mind is all set, review the list. Registered?


PostgreSQL à Amsterdam

September, 27 2011

Dans moins d'un mois se tient la conférence européenne PostgreSQL, pgconf.eu. Il s'agit de quatre jours consacrés à votre SGBD préféré, où vous pourrez rencontrer la communauté européenne, consituée d'utilisateurs, d'entreprises de toutes tailles, de développeurs, de participants en tout genre.


La conférence CHAR(11) étant maintenant terminée, il est d'usage de publier les slides utilisés. J'ai présenté Skytools 3.0 dont la prochaine version sera publiée dès que j'aurais eu le temps de terminer de revoir (en fait principalement d'écrire) la documentation.


Skytools3 talk Slides

July, 19 2011

In case you're wondering, here are the slides from the CHAR(11) talk I gave, about Skytools 3.0, soon to be released. That means as soon as I have enough time available to polish (or write) the documentation.


De retour de CHAR(11)

July, 13 2011

Quelle meilleure occupation dans le train du retour de CHAR(11) que de se faire reporteur pour l'occasion ? En réalité, dormir serait une idée tant les soirées se sont prolongées !


Back From CHAR(11)

July, 13 2011

CHAR(11) finished somewhen in the night leading to today, if you consider the social events to be part of it, which I definitely do. This conference has been a very good one, both on the organisation side of things and of course for its content.


La semaine prochaine déjà se tient CHAR(11), la conférence spécialisée sur le Clustering, la Haute Disponibilité et la Réplication avec PostgreSQL. C'est en Europe, à Cambridge cette fois, et c'est en anglais même si plusieurs compatriotes seront dans l'assistance.


While Magnus is all about PG Conf EU already, you have to realize we're just landed back from PG Con in Ottawa. My next stop in the annual conferences is CHAR 11, the Clustering, High Availability and Replication conference in Cambridge, 11-12 July. Yes, on the old continent this time.


Extensions in 9.1

March, 01 2011

If you've not been following closely you might have missed out on extensions integration. Well, Tom spent some time on the patches I've been preparing for the last 4 months. And not only did he commit most of the work but he also enhanced some parts of the code (better factoring) and basically finished it.


Back from FOSDEM

February, 07 2011

This year we were in the main building of the conference, and apparently the booth went very well, solding lots of PostgreSQL merchandise etc. I had the pleasure to once again meet with the community, but being there only 1 day I didn't spend as much time as I would have liked with some of the people there.


Going to FOSDEM

February, 01 2011

A quick blog entry to say that yes:


MVCC in the Cloud

July, 06 2010

At CHAR(10) Markus had a talk about Using MVCC for Clustered Database Systems and explained how Postgres-R does it. The scope of his project is to maintain a set of database servers in the same state, eventually.


Back from CHAR(10)

July, 05 2010

It surely does not feel like a full month and some more went by since we were enjoying PGCon 2010, but in fact it was already the time for CHAR(10). The venue was most excellent, as Oxford is a very beautiful city. Also, the college was like a city in the city, and having the accomodation all in there really smoothed it all.


PGday.eu feedback

December, 01 2009

At pgday there was this form you could fill to give speakers some feedback about their talks. And that's a really nice way as a speaker to know what to improve. And as Magnus was searching a nice looking chart facility in python and I spoke about matplotlib, it felt like having to publish something.


moment. Lots of attendees, lots of quality talks ( slides are online), good food, great party: all the ingredients were there!


In this russian page you'll see a nice presentation of Skype databases architectures by Asko Oja himself. It's the talk at Russian PostgreSQL Community meeting, October 2008, Moscow, and it's a good read.