Talking at the SFPUG

July, 19 2013

Those days feel really lucky to me. I'm currently visiting friends and customers in San Francisco, and really enjoying my trip here! Of course Josh Berkus took the opportunity to organise a SFPUG meeting and I had the pleasure of being the speaker over there.


Bulk Replication

March, 18 2013

In the previous article here we talked about how to properly update more than one row at a time, under the title Batch Update. We did consider performances, including network round trips, and did look at the behavior of our results when used concurrently.


Live Upgrading PGQ

February, 08 2013

Some skytools related new today, it's been a while. For those who where at my FOSDEM's talk about Implementing High Availability you might have heard that I really like working with PGQ. A new version has been released a while ago, and the most recent verion is now 3.1.3, as announced in the Skytools 3.1.3 email.


Clean PGQ Subconsumers

April, 26 2012

Now that you're all using the wonders of Cooperative Consumers to help you efficiently and reliably implement your business constraints and offload them from the main user transactions, you're reaching a point where you have to clean up your development environment (because that's what happens to development environments, right?), and you want a way to start again from a clean empty place.


Skytools3: walmgr

September, 21 2011

Let's begin the Skytools 3 documentation effort, which is long overdue. The code is waiting for you over at github, and is stable and working. Why is it still in release candidate status, I hear you asking? Well because it's missing updated documentation.


Skytools, version 3

August, 26 2011

You can find skytools3 in debian experimental already, it's in release candidate status. What's missing is the documentation, so here's an idea: I'm going to make a blog post series about skytools next features, how to use them, what they are good for, etc. This first article of the series will just list what are those new features.


La conférence CHAR(11) étant maintenant terminée, il est d'usage de publier les slides utilisés. J'ai présenté Skytools 3.0 dont la prochaine version sera publiée dès que j'aurais eu le temps de terminer de revoir (en fait principalement d'écrire) la documentation.


Skytools3 talk Slides

July, 19 2011

In case you're wondering, here are the slides from the CHAR(11) talk I gave, about Skytools 3.0, soon to be released. That means as soon as I have enough time available to polish (or write) the documentation.


De retour de CHAR(11)

July, 13 2011

Quelle meilleure occupation dans le train du retour de CHAR(11) que de se faire reporteur pour l'occasion ? En réalité, dormir serait une idée tant les soirées se sont prolongées !


Back From CHAR(11)

July, 13 2011

CHAR(11) finished somewhen in the night leading to today, if you consider the social events to be part of it, which I definitely do. This conference has been a very good one, both on the organisation side of things and of course for its content.


La semaine prochaine déjà se tient CHAR(11), la conférence spécialisée sur le Clustering, la Haute Disponibilité et la Réplication avec PostgreSQL. C'est en Europe, à Cambridge cette fois, et c'est en anglais même si plusieurs compatriotes seront dans l'assistance.


While Magnus is all about PG Conf EU already, you have to realize we're just landed back from PG Con in Ottawa. My next stop in the annual conferences is CHAR 11, the Clustering, High Availability and Replication conference in Cambridge, 11-12 July. Yes, on the old continent this time.


I've been working on skytools3 packaging lately. I've been pushing quite a lot of work into it, in order to have exactly what I needed out of the box, after some 3 years of production and experiences with the products. Plural, yes, because even if pgbouncer and plproxy are siblings to the projets (same developers team, separate life cycle and releases), then skytools still includes several sub-projects.


towards pg_staging 1.0

March, 29 2011

If you don't remember about what pg_staging is all about, it's a central console from where to control all your PostgreSQL databases. Typically you use it to manage your development and pre-production setup, where developers ask you pretty often to install them some newer dump from the production, and you want that operation streamlined and easy.



November, 07 2010

Hannu just gave me a good idea in this email on -hackers, proposing that pg_basebackup should get the xlog files again and again in a loop for the whole duration of the base backup. That's now done in the aforementioned tool, whose options got a little more useful now:


PgCon 2009

May, 27 2009

I can't really compare PgCon 2009 with previous years versions, last time I enjoyed the event it was in 2006, in Toronto. But still I found the experience to be a great one, and I hope I'll be there next year too!


It's time for Skytools news again! First, we did improve documentation of current stable branch with hosting high level presentations and tutorials on the PostgreSQL wiki. Do check out the Londiste Tutorial, it seems that's what people hesitating to try out londiste were missing the most.


In this russian page you'll see a nice presentation of Skype databases architectures by Asko Oja himself. It's the talk at Russian PostgreSQL Community meeting, October 2008, Moscow, and it's a good read.


Londiste Trick

January, 21 2009

So, you're using londiste and the ticker has not been running all night long, due to some restart glitch in your procedures, and the on call admin didn't notice the restart failure. If you blindly restart the replication daemon, it will load in memory all those events produced during the night, at once, because you now have only one tick where to put them all.