Please find here a listing of recent of maintained contributions I did to Open Source software. Most of them are available from my GitHub page.

PostgreSQL Contributions

The more I work with PostgreSQL (and that's a lot already), the more I like depending on this software. Years passing by, I've been working on more and more features, extensions and client tools for it.

Core PostgreSQL Feature

My current main interest in PostgreSQL revolves around improving the extensions related facilities. I've been working on implementing Extensions properly and this blog has an extension tag for articles in that topic. More recently I've been working on Event Triggers as a way to extend DDL commands.

Some others projects are currently in the works and will get listed when they make their way into the core code, if at all.

PostgreSQL Extensions and Tools

Those projects are maintained on their own and are part of the PostgreSQL affiliated products.



July, 04 2011

The pre_prepare module aims to prepare all your statements as soon as possible and in a way that allows client queries not to bother at all and just call EXECUTE. It's a C-coded PostgreSQL extension in order to be able to preload it at backend start, but local_preload_libraries currently can not initialize SPI, so it could be a simple plpgsql script.



December, 06 2008

This project is described in its own page, in short prefix is about speeding up prefix lookups for them to be fast. The prefix here is not the literal but the column value:



December, 06 2008

pg_staging aims to allow you to control a lot of dev and pre-live and snapshot databases, restored straight from your production backups, in an easy way. Either interactively with the console or in scripts to be run from cron.


The pgloader software is made with a single goal in mind: load data from any possible source as fast as possible.


The pgcharts application allows you to setup charts for your SQL queries:


CHAR(10) was a great venue with great people. The conference itself and the "Hall's Talks" have been a huge source of ideas popping up. Again...

Emacs Extensions

My working environment of choice is emacs, and is so happens that it's also my preferred text editor.


Switch Window

July, 04 2011

This is a visual replacement for C-x o, so here's what dim-switch-window.el will look like if you happen to use it:



July, 04 2011

This mode maintains a *Group* like buffer for rcirc, an included IRC client. It's called rcirc-groups.el.


M-x mailq

July, 04 2011

Allows one to manage his local MTA queue with the common de facto interface for it, that is the sendmail compatible commands. Offers easy way to select a queue id or a site from a queue entry, either for copy/pasting or for selected delivery ( flush).



July, 04 2011

Of course, my emacs setup is managed in a private git repository. Some people on #emacs are using git submodules (or was it straight import) for managing external repositories in there, but all I can say is that I frown on this idea. I want an easy canonical list of packages I depend on to run emacs, and I want this documentation to be usable as-is. Enters El-Get!


ClusterSSH for Emacs

December, 06 2008

ClusterSSH is about opening any number of xterm, ssh to a different remote machine in each one of them, and providing user a unique input line to rule them all.