Saturday, December 06 2008


This project is described in its own page, in short prefix is about speeding up prefix lookups for them to be fast. The prefix here is not the literal but the column value:

SELECT * FROM prefixes WHERE prefix @> 'literal';


The slides from the Prato conference are more about developping a GiST module for PostgreSQL, but the example allowing to follow the subject is the prefix module itself, so the mentionned slides are still a good read to discover the project.

Or go read the prefix pgfoundry home page to get some ideas on how to use it.

Project status

The prefix project is running live and the index has already been exercised more than 10 millions times, so I'm willing to flag the project as stable software, or production ready if you will.

The project is however still in development, as we have some ideas on how to speed things up some more: that's by improving the prefix range to support arbitrary strings as delimiters, instead of just a single char as it's now doing.

Source code development and releases

The source code has been managed under CVS up until version 1.0.0 but from there it's now living over there at github. Feel free to clone it!

The releases are made in source tarball format on pgfoundry and thanks to my debian sponsor binary releases hit debian too.