Saturday, December 06 2008


pg_staging aims to allow you to control a lot of dev and pre-live and snapshot databases, restored straight from your production backups, in an easy way. Either interactively with the console or in scripts to be run from cron.


The "package" includes man pages for both the command line and the documentation file, and I've been presenting the software at PGDay in Paris, so you can also read those slides here to get a first and quick grasp about what it does.

Project status

We're already using it about daily at work, and the version is called 0.7 these days. I guess there's not that much left before the 1.0.0 release, so don't wait till there to jump in: the water is already quite hot :)

You'll find the living code over there at github and pgfoundry will host the relases as they happen. A debian package is maintained too, and should soon appear on my debian packages overview, and of course in sid and testing. Depending on the feedback I get on the 0.7 version I'll try to have it in there before squeeze is labeled stable.