Friday, November 13 2015
Conferences, PostgreSQL
London, UK

All Your Base Conference 2015

All Your Base is a one-day, one-track conference on data and databases. Sessions are curated to be a mix of practical, relatable and inspirational talks on a range of database technologies, established and new, with guaranteed actionable takeaways and solutions to your biggest bugbears.

PostgreSQL is YeSQL!

The database landscape has changed a lot in the recent years. The NoSQL movement has taken the world by storm and you may wonder if there is still room for relational databases. In this talk we will learn about the strengths that make PostgreSQL more relevant than ever. We’ll survey its architecture, availability tradeoffs, durability with one or more servers, and yes even SQL!

What Will I Learn?

From this talk you will learn to appreciate how versatile SQL really is and the many use-cases it can be applied to and solve elegantly. You will also be introduced to the basics for PostgreSQL High Availability and Scaling, a must-know in this time of high availability.

About Dimitri Fontaine

Dimitri is a PostgreSQL Major Contributor (Extensions, Event Triggers, Bi Directional Replication). Dimitri also develops pgloader and other PostgreSQL related software