Tuesday, October 21 2014
Conferences, PostgreSQL
Madrid, Spain

PostgreSQL Conference Europe 2014

Another year, another awesome PostgreSQL Conference Europe, this time in Madrid. I had the pleasure to tell a crazy story about how to recover data from PostgreSQL with the angle that really, you should have tested backups. I also had the opportunity to present the stable version of pgloader!

You'd better have tested backups

A PostgreSQL data recovery tale from a true story, where we dig deeper and deeper into the PostgreSQL internals in order to be able to get back some data from a destroyed cluster.

If that story doesn't leave you wanting to check all your backups before the talk has ended, I don't know what will.

Loading Data In PostgreSQL, Fast. Any Data.

pgloader version 3.1 is now released and allows you to load about any data into your favorite RDMBS, because sometimes a Foreign Data Wrapper will not cut it.

Among other things, pgloader allows for complete unnatended data migration from MySQL, including schema discovery (with indexes and foreign keys) and a powerful rule-based casting clause. That allows you to cast some tinyint to boolean and some others to smallint from the same command.

Also supported are CSV files, fixed width files, SQLite databases, dBase files and IXF files.

Turn your SQL queries into charts

A lightning talk to present pgcharts.