Tuesday, October 29 2013
Conferences, PostgreSQL
Dulbin, Ireland

PostgreSQL Conference Europe 2013

I had the pleasure to run both a tutorial and a talk at that conference. The tutorial is about PostgreSQL Extension detailed use cases, understanding what is possible to achieve from within an extension and developing your own extension. The talk is about properly migrating a database from MySQL to PostgreSQL, solving the challenges with an all-integrated tool.

Writing and Using PostgreSQL Extensions

What extensions are available? Where do you get them from? How to write Extensions, including portability, multi-version compatibility and controls. Includes discussion of new 9.3 feature background workers.

From MySQL to PostgreSQL with pgloader

A presentation of some tooling I'm building to take care of all the boring steps of the migration in a single easy and fast step: schema, handling types and default values, auto-increment and sequences, data, constraints, indexes.

That feature set actually works already, only missing is a little glue and a user language to drive the tool, and that's in good progress already. The tool would definitely be ready for a full demo at the conference.

Obviously the tool licence of choice is "The PostgreSQL Licence". Actually it's part of the new version of pgloader.