Sunday, February 03 2013
Conferences, FOSDEM, PostgreSQL, Event-Triggers
Brussels, Belgium


This year's FOSDEM has been a great edition, in particular the FOSDEM PGDAY 2013 was a great way to begin a 3 days marathon of talking about PostgreSQL with people not only from our community but also from plenty other Open Source communities too: users!

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Event Triggers

PostgreSQL already did have Triggers, targeting Data Modification. Now in 9.3 it's proposing Triggers on Events. What events? What do you mean? What can such a trigger do, based on what information?

All you ever wanted to know about that new PostgreSQL feature, how it works and how to use it.

Implementing High Availability

How to implement PostgreSQL in a demanding project, what are the different technical offerings good for? All you wanted to know about replication and never dared to ask.

PostgreSQL includes several High Availability solution, some replication solutions, and some external Open Source projects complement the offering. When to use which project and what for? This talk will present the usual needs you want to address in a medium size project and how to use several replication solutions to implement them.