Tuesday, October 23 2012
Conferences, PostgreSQL
Prague, Czech Republic

PostgreSQL Conference Europe 2012

I had the pleasure to give 3 different talks at that conference. One of them is a ligthning talk, which helps. I didn't list the training I did the day before the public conference did open though.

Photo by Oleg Bartunov

Implementing High Availability

How to implement PostgreSQL in a demanding project, what are the different technical offerings good for? All you wanted to know about replication and never dared to ask.

PostgreSQL includes several High Availability solution, some replication solutions, and some external Open Source projects complement the offering. When to use which project and what for? This talk will present the usual needs you want to address in a medium size project and how to use several replication solutions to implement them.

PGQ Cooperative Consumers

I had the pleasure to share the stage with Marko Kreen to copresent PGQ Cooperative Consumers in the Ligthning Talk session.

Large Scale MySQL Migration to PostgreSQL

Once a Top-10 internet audience site. 32 million users. Billions of photos and comments, more than 6TB of them. Migrating away from MySQL to PostgreSQL!

This talk will share hindsights about the why and the how of that migration, what problems couldn't be solved without moving away and how the solution now looks. The tools used for migrating away the data, the methods and will detail the new architecture. And the new home, in the cloud!

On the technical side of things, we will be talking about MySQL, mysqltocsv, pgloader, pljava, Google Protocol Buffers, pgbouncer, plproxy, PostgreSQL, pghashlib, walmgr, streaming replication. And Amazon hosting facilities too (EBS for starters).